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ZenDCA app overview

What is ZenDCA?

ZenDCA is a web application that allows you to utilize the dollar cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy, with cryptocurrencies. Keep your cryptos safe by automatically withdrawing them from exchanges as well.

You will have full control and insights into every schedule, with the ability to pause and delete any time. View your crypto portfolio, latest balances and receive helpful emails about the status of your schedule.

You can learn more about ZenDCA, its capabilities and cryptocurrencies on our knowledgebase.

Video overview


Preview of dashboar
Preview of creating a schedule
Schedule details
Preview of single schedule details
Preview of saved on fees
Preview schedule popup
Preview of activity log
Preview of exchange balances
Preview of crypto market overview
Preview of sign in with Gemini
Preview of connecting with Kraken
Preview of profile page

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