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Cardano's Mithril update will be released throughout the summer and aims to enhance the Cardano (ADA) network. The protocol will evolve the network participation and will make the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain a lot more efficient and streamlined to make it a competing force against Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), and Polygon (MATIC). With the update nearing its release, many investors and traders have begun noting how it can affect the broader crypto space.

Mithril and What It Aims to Accomplish

Mithril is defined as a stake-based signature scheme and protocol. It is purpose-built to enhance the Cardano network, and this will be accomplished through the speed-up and optimization of data synchronization across applications. It was originally introduced in August of 2022 and will play a crucial role in fueling the growth of Cardano and making network participation far more accessible.

As Cardano scales throughout time, the increased size of the blockchain will make running a full node unfeasible for a lot of people. It exceeds over 120 GB at the current point in time and can increase to over 1,200 GB at some point in time. 

Mithril provides value by making network participation far more accessible by reducing the time as well as the resources required to run a full node. Developers can deploy light clients with Mithril alongside applications while maintaining security without downloading or validating a full node.

How WIll Mithril Impact the Cardano Network?

On top of the Cardano network in its current state, each user has limited operations regarding participating within it. From running a full node, requiring downloading and validating the entire blockchain, to using a lightweight client. Both of these choices can be resource-intensive for many users, who might be discouraged from participating as a result. 

However, Mithril changes this by bootstrapping the full Cardano node. It does this by retrieving a certified snapshot of the current blockchain state. As a result, it can drastically reduce the time for synchronization while maintaining a high level of security. 

Through bootstrapping full Cardano nodes through Mithril, a lot of streamlined and efficient network participation is encouraged, leading to a broader DeFi ecosystem.

The Mithril Roadmap

The Mithril proof of concept was originally conceived in 2022, and the team officially presented the project in December of the year, revealing its benefits, applications, and roadmap. Mithril is now entering the final testing stages prior to the mainnet release in the Summer of 2023. 

The high-level roadmap includes numerous releases. First, there's the Mithril beta. This represents a mainnet protocol that will be launched with a group of volunteer Stake pool operators (SPOs) to assist with the testing and prototyping phases. Then there's the Mithril MVP, scheduled for a 2023 release, which is an incentivized protocol with additional features that will support basic use cases, including fast bootstrapping and secure light wallets. 

Then there's the Mithril ecosystem release scheduled for 2024, representing a fully decentralized and self-sustaining network.Its architecture consists of three main components, including its aggregator, signer, and client. They all form a network of nodes that enhance the efficiency of bootstrapping a Cardano node. 

ADA’s Current Price Momentum and Potential Advantage It Can have With Mithril

The Cardano decision-making process can be further enhanced. Aside from the synchronization efficiency, it will also help boost the protocol's security. Mithril has been in the beta stage with its proof of concept release and is now in the final testing stages, ready for a mainnet release.

Based on data from TradingView, the year-to-date price increase for the ADA token was by 27.52%. In the past month alone, the cryptocurrency increased by 9.40%, marking a significant movement into the green zone. 

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Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK) has been developing Cardano (ADA) for years to make it the best network it can be. With the introduction and consistent update to the Mithril mainnet, the blockchain has been established as a solid contender in the Web3 space.

Once the mainnet gets released, it can significantly boost the Cardano network's performance. It can potentially appeal to hundreds of thousands of new investors and traders who might want to begin accumulating ADA as a result of this. 

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