Kraken is now a newly supported exchange on ZenDCA

Dollar cost averaging bitcoin
We have officially released the Kraken integration for repeat buy schedules in beta! This allows our users to dollar cost average into 632 crypto pairs (223 against USD). Users can dollar cost average with the USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF and JPY fiat currencies.

All the supported cryptocurrencies on Kraken can be found here. Please note that some cryptocurrencies are not available in specific countries.

There were some other enhancements released along with this integration. We now dynamically fetch the minimum purchase amounts from the supported exchanges. That means you can buy as little as $1 of BTC on Gemini or $4 on Kraken (at the time of writing). As these amount are dynamic, they can change at any time. However, you can edit your repeat buy schedule purchase amount any time you wish as well.

We're very excited to bring you this change and are actively working on adding automatic withdrawals from Kraken as well.

Here are the things on the horizon to look forward to this year:
  • Complete the migration from Coinbase Pro to Coinbase Advanced Trade
  • Enable automatic withdrawals from the Kraken exchange
  • Automatic repeat sell schedules (e.g. Sell $10 or 50% of available balance of BTC every week)
  • Basic portfolio overview (from all exchange balances only, not any other wallets)

We're always looking for new exchanges to integrate with, after we do our due diligence on their security and reliability. If you have any feature requests or feedback, please email us at any time.